Producer Spotlight: DJ Muggs Work With Ice Cube

Today on our producer spotlight, we highlight the work of famed producer DJ Muggs and his work with one of the illest MC’s of all time, Ice Cube. Rewind back to 1992 and Cube’s 3rd album, The Predator.

The Predator is the third studio album by Ice Cube. Released within months of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, many songs comment on the racial tensions. The title is in part reference to the movie Predator 2, and the album itself includes samples from the film.[1] Though not his most critically successful album, commercially The Predator is Ice Cube’s most successful album, reaching double platinum status in the United States, and it contains his most well-known single, “It Was a Good Day.” The Predator is his only number one album on the Billboard 200 to date, selling 193,000 copies in its first week.[2] It has sold 2,210,283 to date, according to Nielsen Soundscan.[3]

Track listing :

1 1. The First Day of School (Intro)
2 When Will They Shoot?
3 I’m Scared (Insert)
4 Wicked
5 Now I Gotta Wet ‘Cha(Produced By Muggs)
6 The Predator
7 It Was A Good Day
8 We Had to Tear This Mothafucka Up(Produced By Muggs)
9 Fuck ‘Em (Insert)
10 Dirty Mack
11 Don’t Trust ‘Em
12 Gangsta’s Fairytale, Pt. 2
13 Check Yo Self (feat. Das EFX)(Produced By Muggs)
14 Who Got the Camera?
15 Integration (Insert)
16 Say Hi to the Bad Guy

Today on I2G to gear up for our upcoming 2 part interview with Muggs, we highlight the production Muggs contributed to the project. Check it out.

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