Editorial: Rich Homie Quan – Please, Stop Rapping – Start Ghostwriting

Okay, someone needed to say it. Yeah, I’m feeling some type of way about his music. It sucks! I mean, he has decent lyrics, but vocally – he sounds like a cross between Alexander O’Neal and a dying whale! The least he could do is write for Trinidad James, so we at least have something to look forward to if he ever drops a viable album. (Speaking of which, I really hope to God that someone really didn’t pay $2,000,000 for that). It’s not that I hate him or want to see him fail, but I could do without him featuring on other people’s songs, people in the hood quoting his songs, or hearing his horrible delivery ever again. Oh, and to the A & R’s at Def Jam who signed this guy – what did the five fingers say to the face? Well, you get my point, you ugly deaf pointy eared goblin looking suit and tie wearing corporate asslicking bums b.k.a. Def Jam’s A & R Staff. I’m seriously wondering what was going through their mind when they heard and signed this guy. Did they dive into a face full of Tony Montana and do jello shots out of Sha Money XL’s ass before listening to R.H.Q.? I’m seriously wondering. Look, all I’m saying is A & R’s – step your game up and Rich Homie Quan – get your ghostwriting money in because being in front of the scenes isn’t for you. There’s a lot more money in it for you R.H.Q., plus I don’t ever have to hear your horrible voice again! It’s a win win for us all. If you agree, please be sure to rate this post highly and send it to Def Jam to let them know you’re done with hearing subpar product from arguably the greatest standing urban label of all time.

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Editorial: Rich Homie Quan - Please, Stop Rapping - Start Ghostwriting, 6.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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