Editorial: Trap Music and The Problem, Its Solution

As a fan of trap music, I also understand that this has a negative impact on the youth culture encouraging sociopathic behavior and drug dealing. Please note, I say this as bumping “No Games” by Rick Ross and Future. However, I feel there is also a benefit in it. as it encourages people to be more assertive in business dealings, and to do whatever it takes to become an established entrepreneur if you listen to the message. However, a lot of people fall short of hearing the message, and simply resort to the saying “selling drugs are cool”. As someone who has faced 10 years at one point, I can’t exactly call it cool.

I think people fail to in-distinguish between real life and rappers. Most of your favorite rappers are broke and signed to 360 deals. Everyone under Atlantic’s rap division has one. Ouch. Most people in the drug game, don’t stay for long or they’re working with cops in someway. That even goes with the dude in your local hood. Still people give T.I. shit, even though over half the hood is snitches in one way or another. What I’m saying is, people shouldn’t idolize this lifestyle or worship these broke ass rappers.

The way to end trap music effectively is to let it ride out or other types of hip hop to need to bring the same anticipation and entrepreneurial message in songs. Rick Ross is getting played out quite fast though. It’s the same thing on every track with the same for the rest of these trap rappers. With that said, respect a real boss like George H.W. Bush and the real Rick Ross or maybe even Colin Powell and Barack (If you really consider him “black”). Both G.H.W.B. and R.R. have many things in common and did a lot more than your favorite rapper ever did business wise. Think Harry O.

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