Hit Skrewface Interview

I2G chilled with Hit Skrewface for an exclusive interview. We discuss his start in the same, upcoming projects and much more. Check it out.

Give a us a short introduction to who is Hit Skrewface & where your from?

Well I’m sorta like the Godfather of Rap where I’m from, Gary,
Indiana, GI. The G, Gangsta Island, Murda Cap whatever you wanna call

You are one of the pioneers for the Gary music scene,How did the group
MCGz come about & how deep is the catalog?


MCG’z originated in 1994 when I met Daz Devil, at the time Gary
was the Murda Capitall of the world & we Gangstaz so we called
ourselves Murda Captial Gangstaz, we then added my partners Lil Ced &
Groove(RIP) we dropped a cassette & sold it round the hood then my GYG
Groove got killed & Ced was more into the streets so we picked up
Nookie G & dropped the Last Dayz EP, Nookie shortly left the group to
pursue her solo career so we then added Mista Lo & put out 3 projects
together, 53 Chambers Of Danger, Tha Slumpin E.P. & The Second Comin
so that makes 5 actual projects for the MCG’z plus numerous
appearances on mixtapes, features, compilations, etc.

What made you go solo?

Well to make a long story short, I was always literally the
backbone to the whole movement from a financial stand point, I found
myself doin everything for everybody with no help from them besides
creating the music, I’m talkin pay for studio time, videos, inventory,
promoting, etc. so I decided to do my own thing since it seemed like
everybody else lost faith in the movement & I wanted to keep movin.

Since you come from the days of artists actually trying to sell their
music, how do you feel about the mixtape scene & free downloads?

I feel like it some ways it helped the game & in some ways it
hurt the game, It definitely made it hard for local artist to make
money sellin cd’s but on the other hand it helps to gain a bigger fan
base if you play it right. But I like the good old days when u had to
get out & move around from City to City sellin your product, back then
people really took their music serious because you had to pay top
dollar to get a good sound, but now all u gotta do is download some
free beats & go & just upload to a site that’s why the game is
saturated wit all of a sudden rappers.

Do you have any side hustles?

I’m an entrepreneur, I have many side hustles, I manage other
artists, I run a record label & recording studio, I dibble & dabble in
Real Estate, Event Planner, Promoter & the list goes on, If it’s bout
money, I’m in.

You are apart of Freddie Gibbs’ ESGN crew, how does it feel that an
artist made it up out of the G & reached back?

I think that was real move on his part, fam didn’t owe none of us
& he reached back to put the whole city on but a lot of artists at the
crib didn’t see the big picture, they decided to be competition
instead of allies but it’s cool, ESGN still gone put on for the whole
city & state.

“Have You Scene Her” record, how did that come about?

I was out in LA when Fred was workin on the ESGN album & as soon
as I heard it, I was thinkin to myself like I hope this one of the
joints I’m supposed to get on right, it was like 4am & everybody was
tired so they bounced & the homie G Wiz looked at me & said this all you
dog, do yo thang, I got geeked & went in, wrote my shit & woke my
nigga D Edge up so he could redord me & wala we got a hit.

What is the next move for Hit Skrewface?

HV3 droppin Thanksgiving 2013, ESGN bout to drop a mixtape around
the same time, several shows comin up, you know just movin, gettin to
the money, look out for some new visuals soon also.

Social media outlets??


Instagram/HitSkrewface, or just google Hit Skrewface

Where can they sample your music & then cop it?

www.MidwestMixtapes.com or Datpiff.com for the give aways & then get
the Skrewface
Ent. catalog at www.TheTipCds.com or cdbaby.com

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Adam “Jesse James” Murphy; CEO

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