DLabrie Interview: In Depth Sit down About New Video “Away We Go”

I2G chilled once again with DLabrie for an exclusive interview. This time around we discuss all things about his new video, Away We Go. In depth sit down, check it out and the video below.

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Tell me a little bit about the new video.

Away we Go is another documentary style video from my concept album Mr NETW3RK part 1, which is part of the trilogy about my journey as an artist, activist and man. We want the visuals to continue to stay connected to tell a larger story and paint a bigger picture of the movement we’re pushing.


What is the storyline behind the video?

It’s actually a true story based on me taking a trip down memory lane reminiscing on earlier days of being an underground Oakland rapper and having dreams of making it big in Hollywood. We’re reliving everything.  It also shows some of the historic similarities and contrasts of the Bay Area and Greater LA area. At the end of the day it’s all California Love.


What were some of the locations the video was filmed at?

We filmed all over LA, Compton, Watts, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Venice, Hollywood, Long Beach and other spots. There are also scenes filmed in the Bay. It revolves around my 1st few real trips to LA as an artist long before any major success. It is all true stories and raw footage. My homie 18 aka Kye the Guy also gives his run down of his moves out there as well. The video actually takes place over several trips to LA including my time as the only Oakland artist on the Bronx Legends Tour with Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Coke La Rock, Percee P, Medusa, DJ Ice and Jendor. Even though the Video takes place mostly in the Bay and LA there is also footage, pix and references to all the major Hip Hop cities in the West Coast like Seattle, Portland, AZ, Vegas, San Diego, Sac etc. expanding the theme to the whole region. Showing love to our people that support us along all our West Side Tour routes. It’s bigger than people think.


What are some other aspects of the video?

The Video also tells the story of how I had to remix & redo the original song “Bay 2 LA” which had a cool buzz at the time. There were some business issues with rights to the original version that features my brotha KDoe. KDoe was also a part of my label, RonDavoux Records/RDV and my main rhyme partner who died in 2008. So to keep the song alive, the legendary producer Sean T. who has worked with everyone form 2pac, The Game to Mistah Fab reached out and did the Remix for us. It was an honor to work with him and we formed a good relationship from that. After working out the issues from the original version with the album producer InfiNate, the song ended up on Puffy/P.Diddy, MTV’s Reality Show: Making the Band. We couldn’t believe it. KDoe never got to see all this unfold. RIP K-Mitas


What about behind the scenes footage?

The credits and behind the scenes footage at the end feature some of comical moments from our quest and an interesting final word from legendary activist Dolores Huerta who worked closely with Cesar Chavez and also cameos in the Video. During a Hip Hop Congress, May day event we held at LA Southwest College she was the Key Note speaker. Hip Hop Congress is the National nonprofit I work with that unifies Urban Arts, Education and Activism. Her words flip the script on the Video adding an educational twist folks may not expect.


Are there any guest features on the video?

There’s a bunch of crazy cameos which tie into the album concept of MR NETW3RK. We got Will.i.am of the Black Eye Peas in there. Our friend, Leila Steinberg who was 2pacs 1st manager. She currently manages Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future and Desean Jackson of the Washington Redskins and still holds her performance class and workshop “Mic Sessions”, we kicked it with Murs, JStalin plus my extra supportive homegirl Rhona Bennett who held it down on the Jamie Foxx show & is now in EnVogue, Fashawn, 2mex, Davey D, the homie Money B, Mellow Man Ace and also my other New York fam mentioned earlier who I was on the road with during the Bronx Legends Tour to name a few. Everyone gotta check out the Video to see who else pops up. We also lost a lot of footage from a computer crash which had even more cameos appearances.


Who directed the video?

It was filmed & directed by my associate Jerome Davis of Lord of the Fly films who is from San Jose. He moved to LA to follow his dreams of making political films and rap videos. He is now doing videos for Stones Throw, Project Blowed, and Wu tang affiliates among others. The project was edited by my boy M.Payton who is a talented young Bay Area rapper/producer & Video Director, who has his own Multimedia Company. He’s been making noise on Bay Area mainstream Radio KMEL & 94.9 and around the world with his new single “Minimum”, yall can find me in that Video too. He also directed another Video for me “It Aint Ez” feat. San Quinn & Keyanna Bean. Look for more music and video collabs from us soon. It’s in motion.


How would you best describe the sound of the song?

“It’s kinda easy when you listen to the G-funk sound”. We wanted to pay tribute to the Gfunk shit. I was really into stuff like Souls of Mischief, Pharcyde, Wu tang but anyone who listened to Rap had to give it up for all the classic records with that sound. It’s part of raps DNA. Hip Hop has a lot of connection points but people like to segregate and categorize and we try to dispel those myths. All songs on MR NETW3RK are tributes to my many musical influences & the song also gives a shout out to the great Mac Dre.


What else is in the works with Mr. NETW3RK?

DLabrie MR NETW3RK Poster

This is the 3rd Video installment from the continuous MR NETW3RK trilogy. This Halloween season look for the “Maniac” Video and soon after I’m dropping Videos feat. M1 of dead prez, Jacka, Akil of Jurassic 5 & Shamako Noble. MR NETW3RK 2 is almost done and will be released soon. MR NETW3RK 3 is also coming together for the grand finale. A lot of people say people are not ready for what they got coming. I think people are ready for this. My Netw3rk is super solid and I believe they expect greatness from me. Check out the website to order some “I Create 25/8 shirts”

 How can people check you out online, find out about shows or NETW3RK with you?

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