Maniac In Depth: DLabrie Interview

I2G linked up once again with DLabrie for this Halloween themed sit down. We discuss DLabrie’s new single and video for Maniac, themed around a woman stalker. Video debuts in Greater LA Area tonight at 7:30pm on Hustle TV (Time Warner Cable channel 36) for over 10,00,000 homes. We discuss the making of the video, woman’s reaction to it and after much more before …check it out

Tell me a little bit about your new video and single, Maniac.

I’ve always wanted to do something like this. It was a lot of fun. Not easy to pull off but it really gave me extra confidence in knowing I can direct, act, coach actors and create ill storylines. That’s for sure where I’m headed, adding visuals to the music is so exciting, and rather I’m just following directions, giving ideas or participating in directing and editing. I’m involved getting my hands dirty. It’s a horror comedy almost like a short film. That’s always what I’m going for something out of the ordinary. This video keeps you on the edge of your seat because it’s unpredictable. I co-directed it with my homie Damian Holman from Houston who has done work with Lil Wayne, Young Money/YMCMB. He didn’t have time to edit it because he was on the road so I had my longtime fam from Sacramento “Jae Synth” edit it. We are both really creative cooky people so we always work well together. Sometimes it’s tough to edit something you didn’t direct but he stepped right in and killed it. Check out some of his work he has some stuff out now with Snoop, The Outlawz, E-40, Tech 9, Bobby Valentino, Waka Flocka.

DLabrie Maniac Single Flyer Has Most Info


He getting love form Cannes film festival in France all the way to MTV. As far as the song and the concept. It’s a song that caught on with people immediately and automatically, because it’s a universal topic. I mean men feel it because it can happen out the blue no matter what type of guy you are. But if you’re a good dude with something going on, or if you have a high position or some power and money that women or a woman may want or find attractive it can be worse. Alot of women out there have men that are close to them who they’ve seen go through this rather its they dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, son, friend, uncle , cousin, nephew. My mom warned me about this type of stuff as a little kid. Some women have friends who are stalkers and some women reading this right now are MANIACS and they know it. It can be flattering but when it goes too far it’s not cool.

Nothing scarier than a woman stalker, and this is based on a true story. More so your personal story or someone else’s?

Picture 1 from Maniac Video shoot

My whole album MR NETW3RK (part 1) is based on real stories about my life. The 3 part TrilEOG is all autobiographical. So the concept of the song was inspired by real stories I went through but it’s a montage of stories with different situations and different women in general not 1. I’ve had my share of Maniacs, some more innocent, some could have been deadly but really it’s everyone’s story. Of course the video is a little over the top like an old school Will Smith video because we wanted to keep it a little more light hearted and comical. But honestly this can be a very serious topic and it can also be very scary and end tragically. That part of the topic is not funny. We all know about man on woman abuse and harassment which is unacceptable and I’d say a much bigger problem in society being that men tend to benefit from male privilege, and some men feel its ok. The Ray Rice, NFL situation was not good but it’s a much bigger problem that that 1 situation because it starts with attitudes toward each other as people and gender is just another layer to division. There needs to be mutual respect.

We can’t cosign general abusive situations. To me if you beat your wife and kids at home it’s similar to a slave/slave owner relationship or a cop on civilian situation. It’s tyrannical. The problem is when it’s a woman doing the abusing people often just laugh it off and don’t take it serious until it’s too late. Men can be physically and/or mentally harmed too. Men can Lose they job & money, Lose they wife, girlfriend or family. Have property damaged. Be accused of a crime that ruin’s they life. Go to jail even Have loved one’s threatened all because a woman may not be emotionally stable or can be jealous, violent, or just not handle rejection well.

Some men like me don’t feel comfortable defending they self against a woman because it doesn’t feel right so some women will take advantage of that. I’d hope it can help bring more attention to the subject so people can see it for what it is and feel the emotion of it without being preached to. I’d love to see some schools or domestic violence programs use it for educational purposes. Maybe we can set up some programs through Hip Hop Congress. Everything I do is bigger than just the music industry. It’s a larger vision.

How did women react to this video when they first seen it?

Picture 3 from Maniac Video shoot

Honestly most just crack up laughing and say how funny it was. Which is what I want. I like to flip serious topics and make them mellow or chill. Never trying to depress people. A lot of women feel for men in that situation. It’s not just a 1 gender thing where it’s bashing on women. Many women in my life have had my back through such situations.

Have you performed the song live and if so what has been the reaction? Has a very catchy hook.

Yeah this is actually one my most popular songs. So the demand for the video has been huge. It’s gotten lots of radio play and I’ve toured the country and even overseas and people tend to love it. I have a certain flow to my shows where I like to bring it to life and make it personal even bring out props or masks or let a few real life stalkers on stage lol. The whole crowd be singing along even if they don’t know English. A lot of times at the shows I flip it on the men too saying “He’s a Maniac” because you know it’s a few male stalkers who followed a girl to my show or who standing real close to the girl of his dreams because she been looking at me all night lol. The song has also gotten a lot of love from the technicians, horror core fans and juggalos.

I mean the video and art work is pretty sinister. We have our own label tour every October called #RonDaVOODOO which we’re just wrapping up now, so we end up on all these crazy shows. My artist YDMC is big in that circuit. We just did a show together in Santa Cruz with the homies Brotha Lynch Hung of Strange Music and the KC fam Suspect. Those dudes are so dope I always saw them as movie makers the way they use the imagination and the lyricism it’s like you watching a scary movie. They don’t always get the mainstream credit they deserve as dope mc’s and music makers. But they have had a huge impact on music and some of the biggest artists. So big shout out to the rappers bringing us all to the darkside. Halloween is my favorite Holiday but they do it year round, 25/8.

What is your favorite Halloween movie and song of all time?

That’s a tough one because I love so many. The 1st ones that I remember are shit like Carrie, Rosemary’s Baby and Exorcist. I mean those were fucking CRAZY as a kid, like really scarred a nigga for life. Then shit hit me like Nightmare on Elm Street I was deep into that storyline from beginning to end. But if I had to pick a favorite I’d probably saw THE SAW. As you can see in the video I love that shit. Jigsaw is fuckin creepy man. The 6 parts of the saw is just fuckin genius way deeper and psychological then the average scary film. Another one is Pet Cemetery 1 and 2 that shit is just pure fuckin EVIL. As far as songs. Not in order but here’s some of my favs 1. MJ – Thriller 2. Will Smith aka Fresh Prince – Nightmare on my street 3. Grave Diggaz – 6 feet Deep album 4. Kung Fu Vampire – Love Bites 5. Tech 9 album EverReady 6. E-40 and Kung Fu Vampire – Zombie 7. The Purge Schoolboy Q, Tyler the Creator, Kurupt 8. Eminem D-12 – Devil’s Night album 9. Demon Within by Me, YDMC & Jacka 10. Man eater Daryl Hall and Oats 11. Rihanna Disturbia. 12. Anything by Brotha Lynch.

Any last words?

Picture 2 from Maniac Video shoot

Much love to I2G every one have a safe Halloween and enjoy the video. Leave us comments on the you tube link. We want to know what you think, check out, Follow and and add me on Snapchat DLabrieEOG I’m the illest evil horror film villain on Snapchat lol. s/o to RonDavoux Records/RDV crew, my son Davoux ,Shamako Noble, Madman of RDV, Rahman Jamaal, B-Jada, James tha Spitta, Bennett Roth Newell aka Big Murph, Lifted Souls, Maq Steez, Luicidal , James Butcher, Different Dope Music, Geek Squad. Look for the whole crew album August 21st, 2015. Watch Celebrity Crime files on TV one about my cousin Shakir Stewart (RIP) who was former president of Def Jam w/ Jay –Z. Happy Bday Delta aka Delmo my little monster. Much love to the San Francisco Giants for 3 championships in 5 years. I aint going to the parade though it’s raining.

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