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I2G had the absolute honor to interview Divine Styler for the site. we discuss his current projects on the production tip, his work with Rhyme Syndicate, Scheme Team and House Of Pain, solo projects and much more so check it out.

I2G: All right, we’re here with Divine Styler. How’s it going, man?

Everything is everything man, just maintaining.

I2G: All right. Let’s get right into it. I know you’ve been doing a lot on the production tip, just maybe booked some new artists or new projects that you’re currently working on that we can see are in production.

Yeah, I was a part of the Gamma Proforma label release of Rammellzee’s final album “Cosmic Flush” remix project. I did the “Brainstorm” remix. There’s an art piece that correlates to each song on the album. The Brainstorm remix is matched with an Ian Kuali’i art piece. Other artist involved are Doze Green, Augustine Kofie 1, Delta, Futura 2000, She One, Mike Ladd, Poesia, Toxic, Dr Zulu, Will Barras, Mr Len, Edan and Beans.

I also produced a song on the Blak Madeen album “Supreme Aftermath” called the “Procedure” featuring G. Dot & Born. I also rhymed on “The Devils’s Shadow” tune.

I’m in the process of finishing up the mixes on “Ryu” from Styles Of Beyond’s solo album, called “Tanks For The Memories”. Ive produced all 12 songs of the album minus one joint
called Undisputed, that was produced by King Karnov. Theres some features on Ryu’s album from Everlast, Takbir, Gravity Christ, Bishop Lamont, Jams and myself. I’m working on the new Everlast hip hop album & possibly Queen Latifah as well.

I2G: Ok, and you said is there really any particular reason why you wouldn’t want to drop another solo record or just feel like at this point it’s,

In late 2014 early 2015 I dropped the Def Mask Lp on the Gamma Proforma art-music label out the U.K.. It was your typical Divine Styler sci-fi enigmatic cinematica bug out.
I’m always good for those types of records. I enjoy making those records most because I just get to deep in & out of thought & no thought, conceptual & non conceptual music pieces until it all
seems to come together. I’m slowly re-conceptualizing the Ecktachrome album at the moment which was supposed to be the 2nd release after Directrix when I was signed to Mowax.

But again its a lengthy process & with the Ecktachrome album i may decide to dip into more of my musician tool bag, not quite sure as of yet. we’ll see. As of now i’m just focusing on producing artist & i’m really enjoying producing beats that i’m not personally connected to. I’ll always make Divine Styler albums, but they take quite a bit of time conceptualizing, gathering source material & pulling all the elements together. So for the most part at the moment i’m really into making these boom bapper golden era style beats.

I2G: I had a couple questions for you just being part of Ice T’s original crew Rhyme Syndicate what’s some good memories that you have working with Ice T and just coming up under that group?

Man, that was a great time for music and hip hop in general because it was still a creative art form in which innovation and pushing the envelope was still paramount.
Ice was the master planner & was a key figure in pushing west coast hip hop while still maintaining his New York/Zulu relationships. At that time, being that hip hop was still unbound, there was
always New York and L.A. cats building, making music & doing shows together. Ice played a big roll in that. I remember around 1988 me & my Brooklyn dudes running up in the Apollo in Harlem
to go see a show & Ice, Evil E, Henry G, Africa Islam & some others where there. Rhyme Syndicate definitely had love in New York. I mean as far back as 85-86, I’d see him and them in the Latin Quarters & Union Sq.. What he brought to the table with the Syndicate was always about unification & expansion.

I2G: That leads to my next question, another member of Rhyme Syndicate, Everlast, then when on to perform the House Of Pain and there third album Truth Crushed To The Earth Shall Rise Again, one of my favorite album’s. I’m a huge House Of Pain fan, what was it like working on that? That record to me was like completely far left from anything that you had preciously heard from House Of Pain, I thought you guys added, can’t really put a word on but it definitely had a different feel and Lethal did all the beats, and had full involvement with it. It was completely far left for a House Of Pain record. What was it like working on that record with Everlast and House Of Pain?

Yeah, the Truth Crushed to Earth album was an interesting process to be a part of. Mainly for me because I have such a strong history with E, Danny Boy & Lethal before H.O.P., also
watching it come to birth & then fade away. Although I wasn’t a part of the group we we’re so close that it was a journey for me as well. In regard to it being far left for H.O.P., Everlast was
just evolving in my opinion, while the group wanted to keep the H.O.P. ship afloat. With E bringing myself and Cokni in as guest one the record definately changed the tone of their movement.
Cokni was my rhyme partner from NY & Everlast loved what he did as an emcee with whole reggae chat thing, so at times it’d be tension because myself and Cokni was fucking with the
traditional H.O.P. stamp. But at the end of the day we all got past that and made cool records. Everlast and myself where tryna put this crew together called the Killa Rhyme Click, which was
us two, Cokni & my man Frank Fiend from Ny. I think we did a couple of songs that didn’t make the album, my memory is foggy but I’m sure E has the tapes.

I2G: Ok and as far as the Scheme Team, is there any future plans of getting that whole collective back together and putting something out or just what was your favorite moment or time in working with Scheme Team?

I have an album or two worth of Scheme Team material on reels but I’m not interested in releasing any of that as of yet. Its a bunch a stuff we recorded around 1993. I’ll eventually get to it but there’s no immediate future plans for a reunion of any kind.

I2G: Ok, do you have any up coming shows or tour dates coming up for you to let people know about?

No, not yet.

I2G: All right what’s your website information for people looking to check out your music and see what you got going on?

You can get Divine Styler info at the Gammoproforma.com or divine-styler.com

I2G: All right appreciate the time, appreciate the interview. I must say just from my personal standpoint I have always been a big fan of your music, regardless of new age or old age I really don’t feel like you, a lot of your projects went over peoples heads but I’ve definitely been a big fan of your music and everything that you do. It’s definitely good to hear that you are out there on the production tip.

No doubt, thank you Sir. Much appreciated & its good hear that people out there are paying attention to a diverse conversation in the art form other than the repetitive death thats being
passed off as music and art.

I2G: All right do you have any last words or shout outs before I let you go?

To the up and coming artist study your craft, know the history of what it is that you do. Be creative first, disciplined & focused. Stand apart from the crowd & again be creative.

I2G: All right appreciate you’re time appreciate the interview.

For sure, like wise. Peace

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