The Lox – Filthy America… It’s Beautiful Review

1. Omen (Prod. by Buda and Grandz)
2. Stupid Questions
3. What Else Do You Need to Know (Prod. by Dayzel the Machine)
4. The Family (Prod. by V Don)
5. The Agreement (feat. Fetty Wap & Dyce Payne) (Prod. by Jimmy Dukes & Smiley’s People)
6. Move Forward (Prod. by DJ Premier)
7. Savior (feat. Dyce Payne) (Prod. by Dayzel the Machine)
8. Don’t You Cry (Prod. by Pav Bundy) (Prod by Dame Grease)
9. Hard Life (feat. Mobb Deep) (Prod. by Pete Rock)
10. Filthy America
11. Bag Allegiance
12. Secure the Bag (feat. Gucci Mane)

6. Move Forward (Prod. by DJ Premier)
9. Hard Life (feat. Mobb Deep) (Prod. by Pete Rock)

The 2 definitive highlights..
Not really surprising, but big name collabos have disappointed before.. not this time though.

Some of the rest might grow on me, but imagine if the rest of the album were on par with these 2 tracks..
That Mobb Deep track sounds like Alchemist linked up with Havoc & Rockwilder.. big props to Pete Rock, he still got it. Even the Fetty Wap track isn’t bad.

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