Dolla Black Interview

Check out I2G’s exclusive interview with Dolla Black.

I2G is here with Dolla Black, how’s it going?


DB: All is well family! Thanks for asking!


I2G: Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in hip hop and who are some of your musical influences.


DB: Well as most people, it started off as a hobby, writing poetry, figuring out a way to express myself and how to be innovative. That eventually turned into me trying out my had on putting my poetry to beats, and everything else worked itself out.  As far as my influences are concerned, I would credit them in my earlier days to artists like the late great Nate Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Will Smith, and Outkast.


I2G: You just recently dropped your new single entitled Almost Time. Tell me a little bit about the single and how it came together for you.


DB: That record came together when my producer AVEVO played the instrumental for me, and around the time he played it I was in an extreme drought creatively.  I couldn’t put together any metaphorically heavy material, my similes were nowhere to be found … everything was just off as far as my writing was concerned, and that record brought out my personal … the way that I was feeling.  My mood and expressing exactly how I felt at the time is the only way I could be creative, and that’s what I did.  Then once the project was done I had the idea to add some live instrumentation to the record and that’s when my guy Smoove came into play.  We recorded the strings, I arranged them, and that’s how we got the product.


I2G: Do you have any upcoming mixtapes or albums getting ready to release?


DB: Well currently I’m in the middle of my #BlackFridays campaign, where I release new music every Friday of the month, so if you’re subscribed to the website, you get that every Thursday, and at the end of the month, I’ll be making that available for purchase on my website and through distribution digitally, so #BlackFridays is what you can look forward to at the moment.  Joint project with me and Savvy coming soon titled #BlackCrown too. Other than that, I’m always working and trying to get to the next drop, so just know I’m working on providing a follow up album to my debut album #LetMeWork, which can also be found on my website and all digital retailers.


I2G: Do you have any upcoming videos?


DB: I got some things up my sleeve that I think you’ll be interested in, but I can’t speak on em too soon.  I like to have the bird in hand before I talk about it, feel me?

I2G: What are your current thoughts on the state of hip hop?


DB: I have no thoughts as far as from a creative stand point … I know it’s a difference in being a part of Hip-Hop and apart of the music business … so I’m not too quick to judge on that end, but what I WILL say, is that I’m happy to see that it’s a lot of direct to consumer models that are successful at the moment, and ways that you can figure out how to play the game how you want to play it and make money from it … so I will say I’m excited about that.


What is currently playing on your playlist musically?


DB: Right now, with me rebuilding internally, it’s a lot of classical piano on my playlist, more often than not, because it helps me think. Opens my mind and allows me to gather my thoughts so I can make sure when I move, I move with a purpose, not just aimlessly.  But when I do open up and listen to music, it’s usually what I can feel or learn from … so to give you a couple of names, I’m still on that Deeply Rooted by Scarface, I bump that 2014 Forest Hills by Cole, still on that GOOD Kid by Kendrick, and I’m always riding to some of my rap homies from the state, so I can be caught blasting that God’s Prophet by Jo’De Boy, 1989 by Mojo Kezz, X Straight Days by RFD Pioneer, Love Revived by Kiara, TEN$ & JU’s from the Six by the homie Hollywood Luck, Hard 6 by Tricky LT45, 7 by J. Skyy, and waiting on my dawg DONO Vegas to drop that Valley Street Vegas & Savvy to drop that Bottom Line.

I bet you wasn’t ready for all them plugs huh bruh? LOL!


I2G: Do you have any shows or tour dates?


DB: This year gone be my very first year focusing on putting together those types of plays for myself seeing as I’m still independent.  So, I’m looking to put together a promo tour that can start from the 2nd Quarter to the 4th Quarter of 2017, and if I get shows along the way they’ll be posted on the website as well.


I2G: What is your website information?


DB: Thanks for asking bruh, the website is for all updates, shows, new music, and how to contact me for any booking, features, etc.  It’s all there like Jeezy say!


I2G: Appreciate the interview, any last words or shout outs?


DB: Shout out to ya’ll first and foremost, thanks for your time and coverage, and shout out to the family! And that’s each and every person that appreciates the music from me and don’t forget to sign up for the website to receive updates on shows, new music, and releases! Also, follow me on IG & Twitter at @DollaBlackBDE and on like the page on Facebook: Dolla Black BDE! Thanks again!


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