Future: Self Titled Review

01. Rent Money
02. Good Dope
03. Zoom
04. Draco
05. Super Trapper
06. POA
07. Mask Off
08. High Demand
09. Outta Time
10. Scrape
11. I’m so Groovy
12. Might as Well
13. Poppin’ Tags
14. Massage in My Room
15. Flip
16. When I Was Broke
17. Feds Did a Sweep

Future gave fans of Monster/Beast Mode/56 Nights and Dirty Sprite 2 EXACTLY what that wanted. Future even advanced his flow and was actually using more wordplay and was spitting on tracks like Rent Due. Great mixtape overall. Folks who aint rock wit how music won’t start to now but if you a fan he just delivered. Fact

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