Video: Quan – “Warrior’z Way”

Following the recent legalization of the brutal sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in New York City, rapper/singer Quan takes on the role of an MMA fighter in the official Vlad Yudin-directed music video for “Warrior’z Way,” the theme song from the new film The Hurt Business (out now on Netflix and iTunes).

[This song] urges anyone going through any kind of fight in life to keep pushing no matter what. Be a warrior… when your only option is win or lose,  live or die, eat or starve, predator or prey– no ‘in-betweens.’ That’s how a warrior lives life.” – Quan

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The self-produced motivational track will be featured on Quan’s forthcoming sophomore album Point Of No Return, the follow-up to his recent mixtape project (featuring Pusha TAce HoodEmilio RojasRapper Big Pooh, and more).

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