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I2G is here with ZotheJerk, how’s it going?

Everything is glorious! I’m excited to take this time to chat with you all, it couldn’t have come together at better time.

Tell me a little bit about your new single Risk VS Reward featuring Sadat X.

I’m really excited about sharing “Risk vs Reward” with everyone. Frost sent me the track and i had sat on it for minute while i continued to conceptualize the album. I wanted to give heads something to break their necks to and offer a transition from the past to present. The lyrics came to me after talking with my big cuz Bo about this journey and how things change. I think its a topic we ALL can relate to. We have to step out on faith and know we have the ability to figure things out. When i stepped out on faith i was blessed by The GOD Sadat X! Frost Gamble put the play together and Sadat killed it. Shout Out to Sadat X! Thanks for everything man…

What are listeners in store for once your new project “Black Beach” drops?

Where do i begin lol… “Black Beach” is an experience, specifically the black experience in 2017. Frost and I were inspired to do a piece that would define the era. As an artist i wanted to provide new perspectives on historic issues without being preachy. Black Beach takes the listener on a journey that just a single cant. It takes us from why we are in the streets to listening to the lessons of our ancestors. This is album is my best work to date. I’m proud of it. I was able to say whatever i wanted to say how i wanted to say it. We pushed peoples comfort zones with this project. Frost gave me the perfect landscape to just breathe on tracks. I think listeners will enjoy and love the ride… “Welcome to Black Beach”

Do you have any upcoming videos?

Yes, the video “Axe Somebody” is a track Frost and I did for heads to just hear aggressive bars and dope beat. Its pure Detroit Hip Hop. Video should be coming soon. The concept is a in studio video where i just spaz. We are also working on “Drunk Roses”, we are just putting the final details of the video together. This will be my directorial debut so I’m excited about brining the vision to life.

What other projects are you currently working on?

Right now I’m catching up on features and preparing the follow up to “Black Beach”. That project is still untitled. Until thats ready i will be doing festivals and attempting to get on a few tours to share the “Black Beach” experience with as many people as i can.

What’s currently playing on your playlist?

I’m rocking that Boldy James, KXNG Crooked, Royce 5’9, Migos and lots of soul music. Artist like Luther Ingram, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Al Green are just a few…

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

The details are getting worked out shows and tour dates. Lets just say its about to be a busy summer lol I will definitely give readers and listeners an update soon as I know more.

What is your website info for people wanting to check out what you have going on?

www.Zothejerk.com & www.thejerknation.com

Twitter @thejerknation

Facebook “zojerkface” and our joint page “zothejerk.frostgamble”

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