Ether Arson: Ridin

Eric Hall II better known as Ether Arson, Co-CEO, producer, and recording artist at HaterHurta Entertainment. Born February 18, 1994 (22 yrs old) in San Antonio, Texas who would have guessed by this time he would be a powerful voice representating his city. After coming back home in 2013 do to his mother’s death he decided to continue his music dream. Being the youngest of 5 with his sister giving birth to twins and brother Twigutta doing a prison sentence his music would changed forever. One year later, he would take another tragic life event losing his father. Ether says “I was overwhelmed but I always told my self, I couldn’t let life beat me that easy, I turned life into a competition.”

With that being said for the next 2 years he put blood, sweat, and tears into his first mixtape “The Art Of Patience” spending long nights recording by his self with his brothers mentoring and profecting his craft of mix, mastering, delivery, and song structure Ether caught on quick. During that time enrolling into Southern Careers Institute for business management and accounting getting 3/4 of the way from finishing he dropped out saying “I believe I got all the tools from what i learned for marketing plus I can watch my own money”.

Completing 24 tracks of a diversity he took song “Meal Ticket (feat. Twigutta)” added to Worldstarhiphop [ ] also releasing the mixtape on Datpiff [ ] also pressed up a 1,000 copies and passed them all out for free. He believes that the streets needs his music do to his strong beilifs in movtating uban America to become stronger communities. We asked him what he does it for he said “inspired to inspire, and to the make the best music ever”. He says he’s working on more music that will keep relating and helping people’s strughles that he goes through on a daily basis.

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