Yukmouth – JJ Based On A Vill Story Two (Review)


Just seen this has been released. I’m a few tracks in and its Cool.

1. Mac Dre Special Bulletin
2. Death Before Dishonor (Feat. Jha Voice)
3. All I Know (Feat. Matt Blaque
4. Untouchable (Feat. Mad Lion & J-Hood
5. Dats Not Mob (Feat. Deltrice the Voice)
6. Busta Rhymes Interview (Skit)
7. Bottle After Bottle (Feat. Too Short, E-40, Trevell, Winn-Wade)
8. How to Mob (Feat. the Gatlin, Stevie Joe, J. Stalin)
9. Acres (Feat. Smoke Dza, Mad Lion, Rankin Scroo)
10. So Serious
11. Round Table Talk (Feat. A.R. Deville, King Locust, Che Dolla, Ampichino)
12. Show in Oakland (Feat. Bobby Brackins & Clyde Carson)
13. The Hood (Feat. Young Bleed, Big Hurk, Thyra)
14. 5 on It (Feat. Lloyd & Numskull)
15. All That I Got (Feat. the Jacka & Lee Majors)
16. Skit
17. I Miss You (Feat. Deltrice the Voice)

Yeah I agree that the first one was better, one of the best this year so far, this one had a couple filler tracks but overall still a very good album. Fave track of the album is All That I Got (Feat. the Jacka & Lee Majors). Yuk has dropped some serious fire this year so far.

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