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Check out I2G’s exclusive interview with Samy Wats.

I2G Is here with Samy Wats, how’s it going?

– Chilling man, smoking…

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music and who are some of your musical influences out there coming up.

– I’m 29 now but when I was 19, I had a homey who had a studio and after a party one night I went to go record and I’ve been recording ever since.

– I’m influenced by Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg.

You have your new single entitled multiply. Tell me a little bit about the single and how it came together for you.

– My producer LD and I finished up a session early in Hollywood one night, and I didn’t want to drive back to San Diego in rush hour traffic so I asked if I could hang out for a while until traffic died down. We rolled up a blunt, and LD started messing around with a beat and I started to write a verse. Rome of Sublime With Rome heard the demo and jumped on board and ended up co-producing and writing the hook for Multiply. He and LD had the idea of having the hook be a female’s voice with a UK accent. Rome and LD were on tour with a band called The Skints in the summer of 2016 and met Marci who was the singer/keyboard/sax player of the band and they immediately thought of her. She hopped on it and it was a wrap! It’s out now on Fresh Goods Music. ( )

Are you currently working on a new album?

– I’m working on an EP, but I’m going to release 4 singles and then follow that up with the full EP release.

Do you have a release date set for the album?

– Not yet, we are going to keep making new songs until we feel like we have a final product.

Do you have any upcoming videos?

– Yes we have a video in the works, more info soon.

What’s currently playing on your playlist?

Tee Grizzley, Berner – Sleepwalking album, Desiigner, Kendrick Lamar – Damn, Rick Ross – Rather You Then Me

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates?

– We are currently putting together some shows for this summer 2017.

What is your website info for people wanting to check out what you have going on?

– | @SamyWats on Instagram | @TheRealSamyWats on Twitter | |

Appreciate the interview. Are there any last words or shoutouts you would like to get out there?

– Shout out to you guys for reaching out!

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