Shotgunz In Hell: Onyx/Dope D.O.D. Interview


I2G chilled with Fredro Starr of Onyx for a exclusive interview. We discuss Onyx’s new album with Dope D.O.D., Shotgunz In Hell, upcoming projects for both groups and much more so check it out and check out their new video, Don’t Sleep.

I2G is here with Dope D.O.D. & Onyx, how’s it going?

FS: Peace I2G, This is Fredro Starr from Onyx, everything is good, God is good!

You just recently dropped your collab project, Shotgunz In Hell. Tell me a little bit about how the project came together for you.

FS: I met Dope D.O.D at a show in Europe a few years ago, after that we connected on their album, with a joint called “Panic Room”, a year later we connected again on Onyx album produced by Snowgoons with a joint called “WAKEDAFUCUP”. Our styles complimented each other, both groups are crazy! So we decided to do a collaboration album “Shotgunz In Hell”.

Any favorite tracks from the album or studio sessions?

FS: My favorite joint on this album is “Cant Hear U” ft. Sickflo and “Psychopath” ft. Snak the Ripper, both joints are crazy! We premiered the video to “Don’t Sleep” off the album.

Any additional videos set to drop from the album?

FS:Yes, we dropped 2 videos before Don’t Sleep. “XXX” and “Piro” ft. DJ Nelson from France the cuts and scratches are ill! Check it out.

Are there any additional projects set to drop from your groups individually?

FS: Next album dropping is the 100MAD project, 100MAD is the umbrella of artist we’re down with worldwide, representing real Hip Hop.

Check out their latest single Don’t Sleep below.

What are your thoughts on the state of hip hop right now in 2017?

FS: Hip Hop is always changing, there was always wack rappers since it started in the 80’s, right now it’s just a lot more wack rappers, but there’s always nice rappers too, that’s what I relate to.

Any plans for a group tour to promote the album?

FS: Yes, go to to check out the tour dates

Appreciate the time, any last words or shoutouts?

FS: shout out to the Nomads, 100MAD, and Snowgoons!

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