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I2G is here with Che Skizza, how’s it going?

Chilly Mostin, West Coastin….what’s up with you homeboy?

Chillin like a villian. Let’s get into it. Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in hip hop and who are some of your musical influences.

My pops was a DJ and moms was a singer so I’ve always been into music, known for bringing new music to the hood, my homies always hit me up asking what new album was banging. I used to rap, freestyle just fucking around and one day me and my homie JBL decided we wanted to take it serious. So I called my big cousin Scott, who played keys and sang background for a bunch of different groups (Jody Watley’s, etc.), cuzz he had a drum machine and told him I wanted to record. So I grabbed a bunch of records, Went to his crib and made my first beat using some James Brown and mark the 45 King records, recorded the song “Nappy Dugout”, and was hooked! Been writing, recording, producing, and ghostwriting ever since. My influences are all over the place, West Coast, East Coast, Soul. I would probably say my heaviest influences are:
• Rakim
• Chill Rob G
• Cube
• Above the Law
• The Juice Crew
• Marvin Gaye

Are you currently working on a mixtape or album and if so is there any details you can give about it?


I just released an album titled 2000 Sumthin’. A West Coast leaning project, 2000 Sumthin’ is a Period Piece, capturing the essence of Hip-Hop circa the years 2000-2005. The album covers a variety of topics; from gritty street tales, to braggadocios Hard Rhyming, to Socio/Political songs about The Prison Industrial Complex. The album is available at:

• iTunes –
• Amazon –
• CD Baby –
• Google Music –

Do you have any more upcoming videos?

Yeah man, we just shot a video for Mouthpiece. I saw a rough yesterday and it’s coming a dope as fuck. Shot and edited by my Homie Tru and Nazir. We should be releasing it in a week or so. Search YouTube for Che-Skizza to see my other videos!

In doing my research, I found out that you have worked with a lot of west coast heavyweights. Do you have any fond memories of studio moments or anything and what was it like working with them.

I’ve never had the pleasure of working with Dre. I came up in the same era as the Alkaholiks, although I never recorded with them, I’ve done shows with them on many occasions. I did however work with Xzibit. We were actually in a group together for a minute. Xzibit, Myself, Coke, and DJ Homicide (from Sugar Ray). I have however worked with the Legendary Alkaholik himself King T! All I can say about that is I’ll drink that nigga under the table! LOL

What are your current thoughts on the state of hip hop, especially on the west coast?

Hip-Hop is constantly changing….sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. A Lot of people complain about the “Mumble Rap”, myself included, but there are some talented kids within the “Mumble Rap” style. What we need however is more variety. There is room for Mumble Rap, Singin ass rappers, Hard Rhymin, Conscious, Bars, Gangsta shit, etc. The problem is that everybody sounds a like.

I like what’s crackin on the West right now. You got Uncle 40 doing his thing as he always does, you got TDE doing they thang, YG, just heard Snoop album yesterday and that shit knock.

What is currently playing on your playlist musically?

I’m all over the place with it. Anderson Paak. His NxWorries project banging HEAVY right now, and the Venice album. I also fuck with Schoolboy Q, Joey Badass. Michael McDonald, Kleeer, Steel Pulse, and the new Snoop album. But I go on tangents though, where I’ll bump Marvin Gaye and M.O.P for a week straight. Depends on my mood or mode.

Do you have any shows or tour dates?

No show dates. As this project was a period piece, I didn’t anticipate doing any shows. I’m currently working on another project with JCA Beats out of Chicago which should be released in August. Shit is banging! Hard beats and Hard Rhymes

What is your website information?


My Website is currently being re-designed but it is up. Here is my website and social media info:


Social Media
• Facebook –
• Twitter –
• Instagram –
• Soundcloud –
• YouTube –
Streaming Links
• Spotify –
• Google Music –
• Soundcloud –
• Reverbnation –
• YouTube –

Appreciate the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Nah man, I appreciate it! Last word….Support independent Hip-Hop, go pick up 2000 Sumthin’ on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or CdBaby!

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