Outlawz – #LastOnezLeft (Review)



1 God’s Plan (feat. Trigga Tryfe & Ronnie Spencer)
2 Silver and Gold
3 Revenge (feat. Mike Green)
4 Born Sinners (feat. Scarface)
5 100 (feat. Mike Green & Ronnie Spencer)
6 So Amazing (feat. Mike Green)
7 Forever (feat. Daz Dillinger & G Perico)
8 Backdoor (feat. Eastwood)
09 This Far (feat. Devin the Dude & Mike Green)
10 Take a Break (feat. Aktual)
11 No Competition
12 Outlawz Worldwide
13 So Much Pain (feat. Mike Green)

Album is very good, in my opinion.

Noble continues to improve and EDI is more inspired than usual. The production on this album is much better than usual for the Lawz. I guess that with the Tupac movie coming out, they found some investors and had a bigger budget for this album.

Best songs on the album are So Much Pain, God’s Plan, So Amazing, and Revenge. Outlawz Worldwide is nice too.

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