Mo City Don: Z-Ro Interview

One of the most prolific and consistent rappers of the last 10-15 years has without a question been Z-Ro. 2016 showcased that as Ro dropped 2 absolute gems with Drankin N Drivin and Legendary. It was announced earlier this year that his latest album, No Love Boulevard would be his last album.

Now many a rapper before Z-Ro have said the same thing and are 4-5 albums deep after the fact, I always take a artist for his word unless proven otherwise. The Mo City Don took some time out of his busy schedule and a photo shoot with Slim Thug to discuss No Love Boulevard, his new single and his thoughts on the game.

Man I keep on working, and it has been like that for 20 years. Getting ready to feed my people in the streets one more time…, well hopefully more than one more time but for now, one more time.

Z-Ro talks about his new single Belong To The Streets from the album.

Well that single is a ode to the hustle, whatever the hustle may be, going to work, working in a club for the women out there for example.

The biggest pet peeve in relationships with some people is that they complain they do not see their significant other. But on the song I am talking to my woman and I am tripping and tired of her always asking me where I am at and what I am doing.

I am out here hustling and paying for this big ass house sitting on all this land that is sucking up all my air. Anything that happens in my life I am going to put it on wax.

It’s something as men we all go through at some time with our chicks and vice versa.

No Love Boulevard is a the more things change, they stay the same type album. It is the Z-Ro we have grown to love, all the while keeping it true.

No Love Boulevard, it drops June 30th. I don’t want to say that I am getting back to basics because I would be really rogish if I did that. I am just back on my no nonsense and I have never been on that popcorn shit.

I am just really back to showing these rappers no love, that Mr. Nice Guy shit is over with. I won’t say that I was trying to clean up music, but I tried to be friendly for a little while but I am back to putting my foot in somebody’s ass.

Musically and hopefully not physically. But yeah, No Love Boulevard it really is supposed to represent a ride. most of the time if your album is good, people are going to ride to your whole album. With this album I am really trying to make a bold statement and let the people know.

It is that Z-Ro type of rap, Mo City Don but I am back on that shit that got people talking about me in the beginning and the first place. I am letting people know at the end of this ride, even though you riding down No Love Boulevard, you are going to love it.

Check out the artwork, tracklisting and do yourself a favor and click the link to purchase No Love Boulevard below. Fingers crossed this is not the last time we here from Z-Ro.

1. Lost My Mind
2. From the Other Side
3. Solid
4. Belong to the Streets
5. They Don’t Understand
6. You’s a Bitch
7. Brang a Stacc
8. Devil in Me
9. Play Me
10. Kiwi
11. Lit Up
12. We Are
13. Bye Bye
14. He’s Not Done

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