July 18th! Vada Premieres His First Song Since Becoming a Licensed Minister!

Most have already heard about the transition of Vada, most commonly known as ‘King Vada’ or ‘King vLane’ entering Ministry months ago. His first song is called “Real MC (Minister of Ceremony)” and is produced by DJ Rek and himself.

While his professional career has already made some adjustments, many wondered if he would still pursue his career in music. Considering the fact that he cancelled the “So Good Tour” that was supposed to take place this summer.

“I’ll sound like me – thats what you can expect [laughs]. Me to sound like me. Just wait and check it out cause I didn’t change I just evolved. Just wait for the 18th and you’ll see.” Vada

On Tuesday, July 18th Vada will premiere his first record since the change. Stay tuned to hear more.

IG: VadaRealMC

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