Meek Mill: Wins & Losses Review

01. Wins & Losses
02. Heavy Heart
03. Fuck That Check Up (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
04. Whatever You Need (feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign)
05. 1942 Flows
06. Issues
07. We Ball (feat. Young Thug)
08. These Scars (feat. Future and Guordan Banks)
09. Connect The Dots (feat. Yo Gotti and Rick Ross)
10. Fall Thru
11. Never Lose (feat. Lihtz Kamraz)
12. Glow Up
13. Young Black America (feat. The-Dream)
14. Open (feat. Verse Simmonds)
15. Ball Player (feat. Quavo)
16. Made It From Nothing (feat. Teyana Taylor and Rick Ross)
17. Price

Main issues I have with it is it is hard but there’s no depth. There’s honestly no memorable tracks other than YBA and that song been out for a while.

The songs that have a “sit down and bop to it” feel, honestly will be forgotten about two weeks from now.

The sequencing on this is fu*king terrible, you have Wins & Losses, Heavy Heart…..then you put in fu*k That Check Up (which I like btw)

Bruh how about you put Young Black America there instead and leave the turn up records till towards the second half of the album.

Whatever You Need is cool but doesn’t need to be on the album, we got Issues, Open & Glow Up which are superior mainstream records.

We Ball, Connect The Dots, Fall Thru should all be removed off the album, just forgettable as fu*k, especially We Ball. I hate the sing rapping he doing on this album minus Issues. And I dunno who the fu*k told him to start doing that more. Connect the Dots had me dying cuz I’m like wait does Meek know this isn’t 2012 anymore? sh*t sound hella dated, like a leftover from Dreamchasers 1.

Ball Player is gonna cause split reactions, I see the demographic he going for and I caught myself bopping a little to it towards the end but it really took me about 2 minutes to really start fu*king with it a little. That beat is gonna have people like confused.

The last two joints are cool but he’s capable of more, the lyrics felt so damn recyclable. Crazy sh*t is I’m a huge Meek fan but bruh let me down with this. If you expecting him to open up or more tracks like YBA you will be highly disappointed.

First listen: 6/10

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