For the second single from Primordial Emcee’s X-Faction 2: Reanimated, his solo debut on Hand’Solo Records, producer Iron Wind merges the speakeasy jazz of the Roaring 20s with classic boom bap while Prime packs the punchlines with references to his favourite comic books. And to best honour the medium, a video of drawings and words. Halifax comic book artist Dave Howlett (SLAM-A-RAMA, The Last Paper Route) provides the fabulous artwork and Toronto’s provides the familiar lettering. A FREE DJ Pack contains all the usual trappings plus a funky, minimalist remix from The Dirty Sample, the video game vibe all rap Arcade to the original’s rap Joker. And for all the true collectors, we’ve created just 30 hand made, lathe cut 7” record with “Comic Relief” backed by “The Perfect cRhyme” featuring comic book aficionado Wordburglar.

Of course, much love to Marvel and DC…

“Comic Relief” lyric video link:

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