Cardi B Interview

Some artists and in general people are just destined for stardom. Cardi B is definitely one of them. I honestly feel like the Dominican bombshell would be from the first time I seen her on Love & Hip Hop. Whether it was TV or even as a comedian, Cardi is funny and charismatic.

So when Cardi made the transition to music, I as many other was a little bit skeptical but she once again has shown the ability to more than hold her own in the hip hop world as well. With back to back hits with Lick and the heatrock Bodak Yellow, the future looks as bright as Cardi’s “bloody shoes”. We asked Cardi about her ambitions and obstacles that she faces and is determined to overcome.

It is pretty hard to prove myself in the industry as a female, especially as a artist that has come out of reality TV. I don’t want people to think I am doing this as a gimmick so I have been working really hard and hitting every angle. There is a specific way that I like to do music, but I want to cover all angles and cover all lanes of hip hop.

How has the buzz and anticipation been since you signed your deal and with the new single?

It has been the same really because I am still hustling. I am putting in the same work I did when I was independent. I am still going to radio stations promotion my records and trying to get it into rotation.

What else can we expect from Cardi B for 2017?

You can expect a lot of music from me for the rest of the year. Although I do have a lot of TV deals on the table right now, but I am putting all that to the side to focus on this music. Everyone knows I am about my schmoney and I am still, but music is my dream and it is what I am putting my all into.

I am by nature not someone that interacts with a lot of people, but right now I am doing that with artists. At the end of the day, I really want my dreams to come true. I put in so much hard work with my mixtape and I know that it is good.

People still try to underestimate me because I am Cardi and I used to be a stripper and I am a woman. I am going to keep rapping and putting shit out until I get my respect and props and people genuinely say oh Cardi B, she can rap. I really want this shit.

As far as my videos, of course they are going to be flashy like Lick or Bodak Yellow, but I will also have some hood videos coming up as well. I was thinking about doing a video in Brooklyn, so we will see what happens. The hood inspires me so it is only fair that I do videos in the hood to show people who I am and why I do what I do and where I came from.

Check out Cardi B’s videos for Lick and her current single Bodak Yellow. Gangsta Bitch Music Volume 2 is out now on ITunes.

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