King Combs Interview

Being the son of a celebrity can be hard enough for any child I would imagine, even if you grow up and just want to live a normal life. Growing up the son of Puff Daddy, the CEO of arguably one of the greatest record labels in Hip Hop and R&B history in Bad Boy Records is another and now being on the same label and rapping as well with all the greats….., well you get my point.

King Combs is currently in that position, artist on Bad Boy/Epic and currently working on a upcoming project. He has so far dropped 2 singles, Type Different and his new single and video, Fuck The Summer Up. We discuss the latter single in this interview, as well as delve deeper into King Combs the artist.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Christian Combs, AKA King Combs, son of Puff Daddy, and I have been working on music for a while now. This is my first single, Fuck The Summer Up, which is out right now and I am working on more music as well.

As far as videos  what is up next for you for your music?

Yes I have the video for Fuck The Summer Up that is out right now and I have another one set to drop soon after that. It is called Naughty and it features Jeremih.

As far as a album or mixtape, what is up next for you?

I am currently working on a album and then a tour to follow that up after the album release. It is going to be crazy so everyone stay tuned. Right now we just want to get these visuals out so everyone can get accustomed to the heat and enjoy this new sound.

What are listeners in store for once the album drops?

The album will be touching a lot of topics. My music is mainly good feel, party music, whether you are happy or sad, you can throw on my album and it will get you in the right mood.

Tell me a little bit about your new single, Fuck The Summer Up, who produced it and how it came together for you.

Fuck The Summer Up is a fun record, produced by Vinyl and it is really just a feel good record. When I made the song I was in New York and it was raining and the inspiration came from that. Rain or sun, it is time to Fuck The Summer Up.

Indeed. Definitely looking forward to what King as to offer from here on out. He has some big shoes to fill, but he seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and who better to learn from then the one and only Sean Puff Daddy Combs. Check out King’s single, Type Different, featuring Bay Swag and Lajan Slim. This single was released a little bit before Fuck The Summer Up and is in the same vein musically. For more music on everything King Combs, check out his soundcloud page.

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