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I2G chilled with one half of one of hip hop’s legendary groups, Parrish Smith AKA PMD of EPMD. We discuss his new album, Business Mentality, his new single, Slow Your Roll, and if the fans will be blessed with another EPMD album. Check it out.

I2G is here with PMD, how’s it going?

Going good.Excited the albums done.

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in hip hop and who are some of your musical influences.

I knew I wanted to be down with hip hop when i first heard King Tim the third on the radio.After that, i was hooked. My older brother Pooch was way ahead of his time.He was a promoter and had a group called Smitty D & The Rock Squad.He was signed to Tommy Boy records.I followed him into the game an picked up where he left off.Some of my influences were Sugar Hill Gang,Spoonie Gee, Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five,RUN DMC,Slick Rick & Dougie Fresh,RAKIM,KRS ONE,Big Daddy Kane,Biz Markie,N.W.A,Dave East,A-Boogie with the hoodie.

You recently dropped your new Slow Your Roll. Tell me a little bit about the video and how it came together for you.

The Slow Your Roll video came about one day DJ Illegal and I was on the phone discussing releasing”Business Mentality” in Europe when we started talking about how “Slow Your Roll” was a dope hip hop song.I told DJ Illegal I needed someone to shoot a video for “Slow Your Roll”.He said he was coming to the U.S soon an that he would shoot the video for “Slow Your Roll”.When DJ Illegal got to the U.S he came to the studio an gave me the beat to “Good To Go then we went an shot the”Slow Your Roll video.

Now this will be on your new album entitled Busine$$ Mentality. Tell me a little bit about the album and linking up with the Snowgoons.

*Busine$$ Mentality is a dope hip hop album.It’s my 4th solo project.I wanted to write and produce a dope album for real hip hop heads.I wanted to get back to the boom bap, funk and real rhyming with lyrical content.One of my favorite songs on the album is “How Many Times” feat R.J the realest.The album has 17 tracks of strait up head bobbing hip hop.I worked on an album and toured with the Snowgoons before this album.Sean Strange introduced me to the Snow Goons.The SnowGoons is a great team with a great work ethic.They get shit done.They also assist many artist & producers on many levels.I knew they could help me bring”Business Mentality”thru to the hip hop community.I asked them if they would be down and the Snow Goons came thru big.

Do you have any more upcoming videos?

Yes, I have a couple more upcoming videos.A director by the name of MD shot videos for the song ”Spirit” and “How Many Times” and Olise Forel shot the video for the song “Good To Go”produced by the Snow Goons as well as the video to the”Prodigy Tribute”

You and Erick Sermon have always been known for showcasing up and coming artists. Is there anyone that you are currently working with and any plans for another EPMD album?

Yes, I’m working with a real dope artist by the name of R.J The Realest.I think he’s real dope.R.J the realest is featured on my new album.Yes,Erick and I are planning another EPMD album.

Dope, looking forward to that. What are your current thoughts on the state of hip hop?

My thoughts on the state of hip hop is that hip hop is off balance and needs balance.

What is currently playing on your playlist musically?

PMD”How Many Times” & ”Good to Go” The new WU single,,Dave East “All Summer” Lamar”Be Humble”

Do you have any shows or tour dates?

Yes The“Business Mentality” tour starts in Europe an is going out December 2017 with D.J Illegal of the Snow Goons,Sean Strange and R.J The Realest.The end of January 2018 I start the U.S.A leg of the”Business Mentality” tour in Cleveland to support the album.

What is your website information?

twitter pmdofepmd. Facebook pmd(epmd) IG pmd_mic_doc

Appreciate the interview, any last words or shout outs.

Yes,Thanks. Big shout out to everyone in the hip hop community who’s supporting “Business Mentality” Peace PMD

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