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Check out our exclusive interview with Sicknature.

I2G is here with Sicknature, how’s it going?

Things are great, thanx! Getting a lot of good feedback on the “Copenhagen Kaiju” EP!

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in hip hop and who are some of your musical influences.

I have always been creative and always wanted to create something of my own… I started making music many years ago after being influenced by Public Enemy, , Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Ice Cube and many others. In the beginning it was just for fun, but as the years went by it grew more serious.

Tell me a little bit about your new EP Copenhagen Kaiju and how the project came together for you.


I wanted to step away from the political seriousness that my previous project “Nature Of The Contaminated” consisted of. I needed to do some simple banging hip-hop that was easier to digest and sing/rap along to. The title was an idea I had because as the songs were shaped, it sounded like a big monster smashing through a city. Kaiju is japanese and means strange beast. Some mean that Kaiju is actually a metaphor for nuclear bombs. Back in the days, we used to say something is “the bomb” if its dope. So coming up with the title “Copenhagen Kaiju” made sense

Do you have any upcoming videos?

I just dropped 2 videos. Check – It is possible that I will make more eventually.

What are your current thoughts on the state of hip hop?

It´s hard to follow every new artist because there is so much music dropping all the time. When I tour and drop new music it seems like the audience is still hungry for the boombap sound. So I guess that part of it is good.

What is currently playing on your playlist musically?

At the moment I listen a lot to RTJ, Evidence & PMD. But my playlist changes all the time

Do you have any shows or tour dates?

Yes, I do. I will announce new shows early next year.

What is your website information?

Appreciate the interview any last words or shout outs?

Likewise. Shout out to I2G and to everyone listening to the music! Salute!

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