Video : Endemic Emerald “Killing Zoe” Ft. South France Ill emcees

Transatlantic producer Endemic Emerald presents the new release Black Bag Operation featuring 15 emcees from four countries; United States, United Kingdom, France & Greece. 2017 has seen Endemic working in multiple countries & building with true hip hop cultures around the world. This second cut from the new EP “Killing Zoe” comes from 4 of south France’s finest emcees: Le Sous Marin, Soldat Ottoman, El Cholo & R.A.D. Filmed in Limoges France, the video takes inspiration from the Tarantino written French cult movie “Killing Zoe”. The piano laced raw banger provides a perfect soundscape for each emcee to go in back to back. Black Bag Operation also boasts supreme features from around the world such as Queens Legends Royal Flush & Tragedy Khadafi [USA], the illustrious Scorzayzee, 4 X world DMC champ Mr. Switch [UK] Eversor, Sifu Versus & buffalo Bill [Greece]. Check Killing Zoe below and look out for Black Bag Operation dropping December 15th via No Cure / SDS / Ingrooves.

Track list:

1. Counterstrike Ft. Royal Flush, Tragedy Khadafi, Nutso & Illa Gee [USA] 2. Grecian Maylay Ft. Sifu Versus, Eversor, Buffalo Bill, Obnoxious
Kas, Mega What & Lord Mess [GREECE] 3. Master Tofu Ft. Scorzayzee & Mr. Switch [UK] 4. Killing Zoe Ft. Le Sous Marin, Soldat Ottoman, El Cholo & R.A.D [FRANCE] 5. Counterstrike [Instrumental] 6. Grecian Maylay [Instrumental] 7. Master Tofu [Instrumental] 8. Killing Zoe [instrumental]

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