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I2G is here with Venom, how’s it going?

What up! The beat warrior is in the area!

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in hip hop and who are some of your musical influences.

I embraced Hip Hop culture at a very young age,
Older dudes in my zone schooled me on it. I became possessed and started to learn everything, Rythmes, Liner notes , credits, shoutouts, history of music, roots of this culture and a lot of things school don’t tell us, about the black genocide for example. With knowledge, Hip Hop raised a lot of child and saved a lot of lives, mine includes.
My musical influences are large, my soul is fulfilled with Funk, New Wave, Jazz, Jazz Rock, Soul, heavy metal…
My selected heroes are Prince and everything he touched
From The Time to Vanity 6 to Mad House, Leon F Sylver III, Human League, Georgio Moroder, Nina Hagen, Gang Starr,
Sade, Michael Jackson, Wu Tang…

Tell me a little bit about your new album, Ruff N Tuff and how the project came together for you.

It’s a real story, in some ways my anticipated story…
I come with my Ensoniq machine to USA to enter a music contest metaphorically displayed as a clandestine fights.
And I’m trying to show & prove my skillz. Nothing more, nothing less. Also there is a hidden metaphor inside it.
It says that when you are doin music, you fight against yourself first, surrounded & watched by your influences. Because to win it, you have to be trained to love and accept yourself. It gets a lot of sweat, tears, risks and headaches to reach it. I’m fighting with myself everyday.
Music is a painful way to put out pain.
The music on this record is produced in total fusion with the concept.
Like on every albums of my label Marvel records.
I don’t do beats and select what’s matching. I did them one by one to paint my vision.

Do you have any upcoming videos?

Not for now, to materialize my visions I need at least Sheldon Lettich or Walter Hill! So I prefer let the music display the story.

What are your current thoughts on the state of hip hop?

I think it’s a new great era, a lot of good music, in any styles, a return of the message in songs too, some of the biggest young artists talk to the youth and respect the pioneers. That’s powerful. Maybe dope hip hop is less visible, but if you put your hand in the skulls you’ll find great cells.

What is currently playing on your playlist musically?

Let me see, today right now, i have
Vanity 6 – Wet Dreams
The Family – The Screams Of Passion (extended)
Love Unlimited – Say It Again
Teena Marie – I need your loving
Dayton – Meet The Man
Missing Person – Destination Unknown
Loose Ends – Dial 999
Miguel – Coffee
Solange – F.U.B.U
Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime
Gang Starr – Discipline
Junior Mafia – We Don’t Need It
Skanks (Of Bankai Fam) – Lick A Shot
DJ Premier & Asap Ferg – Our Streets

Do you have any shows or tour dates?

With Ninjustice we already started touring, In January we will be NYC For our albums release party and we try to find other spot in the world, Japan, Europe…

What is your website information?

You can find me on :
Instagram : venom_the_vigilante,
Facebook : venom-vigilante marvelrecords
bandcamp :

Appreciate the interview any last words or shout outs?

Thank you for letting eyes seeing my words. S/O to everybody that bought the album, my Ninjustice partner Kyo Itachi, the doc Azaia, my brother Mc Zombi and my sons. Slurp!

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