DJ Rico Interview


Check out I2G’s exclusive interview with DJ Rico.

I2G is here with DJ Rico, how’s it going?

Man I can’t complain. Life is good.

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music and who are some of your musical influences.

I started off as a dejay. Then I started club promoted. After a while those felt like work. I did those jobs to build my equipment and music studio.

Tell me a little bit about your new single, Diary of Thought.

The song is about talking to someone. We all get frustrated in life and need a little therapy. The video is available on vevo and youtube.

Do you have a upcoming Mixtape or album set to drop?

I have 4 mixtape due to be released 1st quarter. Still Bumpin’ the Album dropped on 10/18/2017 and is available everywhere.

Do you have any more upcoming videos?

I’m getting all the details ready before we shoot a video for Hood Sh*t and Tell Me What You Like.

What are your current thoughts on the music industry?

Its evolving. What works today might not work tomorrow. Just be yourself, put god first and nothing can stop you.

What is currently playing on your playlist musically?

Big K.r.i.t., Post Malone, Iceberg Hubbard, Trent Lord, Kendrick Lamar, G Eazy just to name a few.

Do you have any shows or tour dates?

I’m working on a few things but nothing finalized. I have a lot of studio work scheduled.

What is your website information?

Appreciate the interview, any last words or shout outs?

I want to shout out everyone that has been rocking with me Shane Rane, UnSatisfied G’s, Big Ten, Trent Lord,
Iceberg Hubbard, Celebrity Sparker, Karyn Lewis, Leezo, 56grizzlymedia for my graphic work, Tony Chicas Photography for my pictures,
Magik Studios for Mastering my music, for giving me my first break and thank you for this interview.

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