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I2G is here with Aisha RaQuel, how’s it going?

Hey Wassup! Everything’s all good right now.

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in music and who are some of your musical influences.

Well, like most artists from the southside, I got my start in church. I’ve just always been touched by soul music, period. I love Jazz, Blues, R&B, etc. My mom really played a lot of Sade when I was growing up too, so her music always stuck with me. Sade is definitely one of my influences. There are so many, I didn’t think this would be this hard to name em lol. But, other than her, I’d have to say Lauryn Hill, Big KRIT, Kendrick Lamar, and many more! I thrive off old skool hip-hop too.

Tell me a little bit about your new project New Rebel Groove.

New Rebel Groove is a musical composition of experiences and emotions that I have been through in the past year or so. I started writing the songs a year before I released the EP, so they were written mid-experience. I am from Mississippi and I decided to go off to college in Georgia. At the time, I was going through a few situations and was moving back and forth, state-to-state. Everything around me was starting to feel out of touch. So I decided it was time for a new project, and I created “New Rebel Groove”. The title means to finally march to the beat of your own drum; moving at your own tempo when the world seems to be at a constant drumroll. I found my tempo, and it so happens to be called The New Rebel Groove.

Do you have any more upcoming videos?

For sure, right now I plan to do visuals for every song on the EP. So be on the lookout for them.

What are your current thoughts on the music industry?

Right now, I feel mainstream music has become so polluted that even fans are starting to realize it. Not just artists. So this challenges people to actually find music that they can relate to. I believe this year is the year for soul music to come back to surface. Music with a message.

What is currently playing on your playlist musically?

Hm, let me think. Right now I am still spinning “4eva Is A Mighty Long Time” by big homie KRIT. It’s a classic lol. Other than that I’m rockin’ with Smino, and some underground R&B cats who I’ve been keeping up with for a while. Like Jacob Latimore, he is a rising star who I’ve been in tune with since a kid, he’s amazing. Be on the lookout for him too.

Do you have any shows or tour dates?

I plan to do a performance mix of a few songs from New Rebel Groove here in Hattiesburg at an open mic. I also just booked a show in Jackson for the end of February. I don’t have any performance tours set up, but I do plan to do a “N’R’G College Promo Tour” this Spring. Just to get on foot and promote all over the south/east coast. I’m head first for any opportunities right now. Follow my social media profiles to stay updated.

What is your website information?

Instagram: https://www.

Facebook: https://www.



Appreciate the interview, any last words or shout outs?

I appreciate yall for having me! & Shoutout to Mississippi. We got a major run approaching in entertainment, get ready and stay tuned.

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