Migos: Culture II Review


Walk It Talk It
Stir Fry
Too Much Jewlery
Gang Gang
Open It Up
Notice Me
Too Playa
Made Men


Stir Fry

I’m on break now, but I’ve been listening to this album since I clocked in this morning. Earlier in the month I said the Migos would have to implement another element within their sound for me to enjoy this album…coming back to that statement after listening to the album. It looks like they’ve been listening…I really love how they went outside their element to create tracks such as Stir Fry and Made Men; It makes the album much more listenable and enjoyable…

With that being said…

There were a LOT of tracks on here that were pretty dull, simplistic, and in other words, sounded like another typical Migos song they make over and over again.

But I’ll give em this, the album was diverse enough to keep their run alive

I like Culture 2 better than the first due to the fact I like more songs on here than I did the first Culture album.


(Btw, Takeoff pretty much took over on this album)

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