Evidence – Weather Or Not Review

On replay:
The Factory
Throw It All Away
Rain Drops
By My Side Too
Old Habits… I love the “show me what you got” Rick & Morty reference lol

But for me… ALC + Ev + Mach…. “Sell Me This Pen”…. straight heat rocking bonkers joint

“The mink is black, the link is Turkish/
I wasn’t randomly selected, I was chosen to serve a purpose”

“Bigger picture, if I rhyme it’s coincidence/
These are God’s words given to my brain on top of instruments”

“Vintage link is from Nigerian krills /
I keep the plantain in the back of the coupe…”

Flowin + beats…. jeez… such a dope combination… Mach Hommy needs to drop some more material too

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