Exposing The Pump Fake: Pras Interview

Pras has been a hip hop vet for over 20 years. From his work with the legendary group the Fugees in the 90’s to his solo album success to his humanitarian work in Haiti and abroad. Pras last year blessed us with a new single, Pump Fakin with Young M.A. and is prepping a new album, Blacture which is on the way. First and foremost we asked Pras about getting his feet wet back in the game.

I am happy to be back and doing my thing, the single has been getting a lot of good feedback.

What do you feel about all the music that is out today with the island influences being that the Fugees was one of the first hip hop groups to start that with the R&B hooks and island sound?

I think that it is dope, it is not about who you are signed with and not signed with, it is really about if the joint is popping or not. There is a dope energy right now and I know a lot of people in my generation are not with it but I personally think that it is beautiful. I love what is going on right now.

I know for myself I am definitely looking forward to a new project from Pras and he gave a little insight into the album and the efforts going into it going to a great cause he believes in and fights for.

Yeah it is going to be that I am working on to get a dope sound and other artists to vibe with on it. We are going to donate proceeds to a school in Haiti, it is a school of the arts. So yeah basically that is what it is but I am excited to get that sound out there.

The first offering from the upcoming project Blacture is Pump Fakin. The in your face and unapologetic single features Young M.A. and while the pairing seems odd and out of place to many, Pras explains how it came together and how the Bink produced gem became a great business decision, even if it was not his first route to go with.

First single is with Young M.A.. She blessed me with the 18 or 24 bars that she put on the track. The vibe of the project is real good and I am excited about it. The single was produced by Bink!, he did production for Rick Ross and Jay Z. When I first heard the record, it had that boom bap vibe and I came up with the concept of pump faking.

Pump Faking basically means when cats are really not doing what they say that they are doing. You have a lot of people out here fronting like they money is right, but they are pump faking. People not repping properly that too is pump faking. what some cops are doing to black men in the streets, that is also pump faking. Anything that is not real, so when I dropped the verse, I played it for my man and he was working with Young M.A. at the time. He loved it and suggested that I should get her on the record and he played it for her and she was feeling the concept and vibe. She dropped a verse and it came out dope because that is not who I was originally thinking about when I first did it. She brought her energy to it and she did her interpretation of what pump faking is.

Pras also discuss if there will be any other guest appearances on Blacture.

Yeah there are a lot of guest appearances on this album. I got Rick Ross, Mary J Blige and a couple other ones that I am finalizing. I am doing the full gambit with this, and this will not be a oh I am going to drop a album then disappear. Nah, culture wise hip hop feels good right now.

Not to say hip hop did not feel good back in the day when we were doing it, but I think now it has expanded to a wider range. Back when we were doing it, there was no social media, this feels more like a community and a family right now.

There are so many more different platforms and outlets so it feels good right now. You can be in Arkansas, Missouri or anywhere and everyone is rocking their own style. If you go to Chicago right now, they are doing their own music, Detroit has their sound, Alabama their own sound and it is all under the encompass of hip hop.

Back it my day the artists that you seen doing it were the only ones out there. Now it is a freefall and it is all good. From that aspect I think it is dope.

For many of us to know where we are going we need to know where we came from. Pras tells us what words of advice would 2017-18 Pras give 1997-98 Pras.

I guess the advice I would say is continue to be consistent and just keep at it. Always keep creating. 1997, 98 Pras was smart enough to do the right thing financially to allow me to live the lifestyle that I live right now despite the fact that I have not had a record on the radio in a long time.

That aspect I am good, but I would say creatively speaking you always have to keep creating because you are going to discover different things.

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