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I2G is here with POP Buchanan, how’s it going?

I am blessed. Excited about Hip Hop, and being aligned with my purpose.

You recently dropped your new single Can I Live. Tell me a little bit about the single and how it came together for you.

“Can I Live” is dear to my heart. I wrote this song for anyone that died at the hands of misguided police, from frivolous street shit, and overall ignorance. I wrote this song from a place of survival. This sacred place is my GOD Center. The “I”in Can I Live represents humanity. Everyday people who just want to live life outside of the drama, darkness, and craziness. I wrote this for anyone suffering from addiction. When I suffered from alcoholism, I had a choice. Did I want to live or die? I chose life. As of today I am 5 years sober and in the best shape of my life.

Tell me a little bit about the Can I Live mixtape that you recently released.

Being a real Brooklynite, I wanted to drop a good old fashion, non cohesive, head nodding, DJ Clue style mixtape. I wanted to spit over tracks that no one would see coming. I chose to live a little and have fun. Rocking classics like WU Tang’s ‘It’s Yours’, to spitting on my fam’s Skyzoo’s track ‘We Here’, I wanted to be free and just rhyme. I also was being creative for marketing purposes. I knew that I wanted to put out ‘Can I Live’ as a single, and I wanted to show SoundCloud and my younger fans some love. I make it a habit to drop a free Mixtape around any single. Many of my fans are not on Spotify or iTunes. They still prefer SoundCloud. I wanted to show some love and also showcase some original songs like “Floating Through Space”, and my favorite song “Protozoa.” This Mixtape is important because it’s the first time I rhymed over a track that belonged to Jaz-O and my brother. Produced by DJ Premier “Love is Gone” was a coming of age moment for me. It was my tribute to Jaz-O and my brother Dibiase Buchanan. Very sentimental.

How did you met and end up working with Jaz-O?

Jaz-O is like my older brother. He is family. Jaz-O worked closely with my older brother Dibiase (Council/Immobalarie). They both were on the single “Let’s Go” fet. Jay Z. I was one of the youngest members of the Immobalarie. Before Immobalarie my team went by Council and was signed to Rancore records, then eventually Tommy Boy. I was on the classic Immobalarie album “Kingz Kounty” with Mr. Cheeks, on the track (BQE), prod. by D.R. Period. Jaz-O came into the fold and was immediately like a mentor to us. We shared the same love for music, esoteric wisdom, and what we called at the time “Right Knowledge.” We shared the same teacher Dr. Malachi Z York. So when we were not eating Sushi , making money, or working on Hip-Hop, we would study and share our affinity for the spiritual and metaphysical. After things went south with Jay Z and Jaz-O the band was dismantled and everyone went their separate ways. No matter what, we remained brothers and I am happy that Hip Hop and politics never broke that up. I thank Jaz-O, my older brother and the whole Immobalarie family. We are young gods living our life with purpose and passion. Big Jaz-O, I hope your proud of your little bro.

Do you have a album in the works?

Absolutely. I am thinking about calling my album “Elevate”, following the theme of my second single . “Elevate” feels complimentary to my overall message. My album will be produced by Nudgi-Nudge and ED-APE. It will have special features like Skyzoo, Planet Asia, and Mega Ran. I will have a few more surprise guest. My first album will be fun, and raw. I love Boom Bap and want to make this amazing genre digestible to mainstream hip hop fans. I think if we approach raw hip hop with new energy we can create a dope culture. I hope to keep Boom Bap relevant as we enter the new age of Hip Hop’s evolution. My goal is to make an album that I would want to listen too. If I love it, then someone out there will too. That’s all I ever wanted.

Do you have any more upcoming videos?

I just finished wrapping up my latest video for my new single ‘Can I Live.’ This amazing video brings my fans into my element. Being a sobriety activist and health enthusiast, I wanted to show the world that we can go hard and still take care of ourselves. I am boxing, jogging, and rapping at the same time. Doing it all while in a fasted state (no food), and 100% sober. I want to thank my team @jshotti, @ed_ape, and @theevilelement for bringing this amazing video to you guys. Follow them on Instagram. My fans can find my video on your site, and YouTube.

What are your current thoughts on the state of hip hop?

I love the fact that labels are not the end and all. I love the fact that a young trap rapper can blow, and an more mature rapper like myself can thrive. I like digital distribution, and marketing. The universal market place is open and fans can find us. I think it’s about to be the biggest evolution of sound ever. We are evolving as a species and our need for diversity is more prevalent. You can go crazy on some POP Buchanan, chill out to some Sammus, and then jump around to some A$AP Rocky. I can have Skyzoo and Lil Xan on the same playlist and still be Hip Hop. That’s fire. I think older heads give younger rappers a hard time, and younger rappers don’t give older rappers the time of day. I think we can all learn from each other. In the end, it’s not about us. It’s about the people. Hip Hop whether Boom Bap or Trap is here to stay. The state of hip hop in my opinion is progressive.

What is currently playing on your playlist musically?

Sammus, Skyzoo, POP Buchanan, Soho Kings, Stoneface, Planet Asia, Eminem, Saksfive, ET The Hip Hop Preacher, Dua Lipa, UK Grime and Jaz-O

Do you have any shows or tour dates?

Right now I am focusing on building up my buzz, and brand awareness. I am looking to go on tour in a few months. I will keep you guys posted. I want to do European Tour soon.

Appreciate the interview, any last words or shout outs?

Thank you. I appreciate you giving me a platform. Salute!

Thank God, MOM, Dad (RIP), and Yehoshua Christ Elohim. Thank my brother Che Logan who is my right hand since the inception (Lochanan/DotCom). Thanks to my producer and brother Nudgi Nudge. Thanks for bringing me out of retirement. To my creative people out there. Don’t listen to their noise, listen to yours. Don’t feel like you have to get drunk or high to create. Listen to Podcast and Audiobooks. Carbs are for suckas, sugar kills, fear is a liar, and drink mad water. Last but not least, “It’s Never to late too be amazing” ~ @popbuchanan

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