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SPECS – ‘Do Ya Thang’ | @yungspecsmusic @prodprod98

While “Mi Gente” rises up the Billboard Hot 100, California based rapper Specs drops a flip of J. Balvin’s breakout hit that injects new life into an already hot track. Over production by Prod, Specs spits flirtatiously braggadocios verses about girls and anyone who tries to compete with him – with an infectious hook and beat, it’ll have any party ...

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Cur – ‘Listen Now’ (Music Video)

While growing up going through trials and tribulations Cur has always been faced with adversity and having to come up with his own creative way to weather the storm. While not having many friends Cur found himself dreaming about a life without worry or having to look over his shoulder because someone wanting to take him down mentally or physically.

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Feenyx – ‘Do What I Can’ | @thefeenyx

Formerly Feenyx was Beatty, but like the actual sunbird, he recreated himself and took notes. He transformed from a typical rapper in the pool of artists in Atlanta, to one of the brightest and exciting Artists in the whole city. This project has been long awaited from his hometown of Charleston, WV where the whole state knows who and what ...

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Dontay McFly – ‘Hill Valley Demo’ | @DontayMcFly

Hailing from the south, Dontay provides a modern twist on old school, classic hip-hop. Home-hitting storytelling and rhymes mixed with smooth melodies provide a perfect blend of swagger and legitimacy. The emerging artist is a gateway between generations of hip-hop. McFly’s music provides a mass appeal where people will play the records from beginning to end.

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Rellik JXB – ‘Movin’ Up’ | @dontpanicrellik

Over the last few years, DMV has played home base to some promising indie movements; Rellik JXB is no different. Wearing dual hats as both artist and CEO of his imprint, Don’t Panic Records, and he’s making a great impression. With well over 30k on his YouTube videos, continuously packing out shows throughout the DMV, and his “gotta get it ...

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