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Jesse Medina (feat. Kool Keith) – “Chasin’ Franklin”

To celebrate his upcoming collaboration with Granjer Records, Bay Area artist Jesse Medina shares the stream of his inebriated new single, “Chasin’ Franklin” featuring rap legend, Kool Keith. The single is a celebration of hedonism of all kinds, so it’s only fitting that an emcee known for fully enjoying those particular pleasures would make an appearance. We’re talking about Keith, ...

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King Fiya – “Money Dreaming” @KingFiya

Coming from Cambridge MA, Fiya shows what his perspective of life is, what goals he has in his sights for the future, and why “Money Dreaming” has been the most anticipated project coming out of Cambridge, MA this year. Get in tune to the visual here while you vibe to the 9-track project! Let us know your favorite record below ...

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cunabear – “m00kie”

“This collection of songs were mostly written on the road, during my first tour. At the time I hadn’t fully come to understand that we were literally traversing the majority of the U.S., and coincidentally my father’s health was starting to deteriorate, my closest friends were beginning to move away and pursue their own lives; the uncertainty of what I’d ...

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Pharaoh Da Gawd – “Neighbors” (Video) @PharaohGraph

Pharaoh Da Gawd has purposely kept quiet this Summer, letting out snippets here and there of new singles and shooting visuals for the fourth quarter. One of those videos included the J. Cole famed instrumental, “Neighbors.” Find out what happens when Pharaoh reacts to people comparing his style to “Lil’ Boat.”

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