The King & I Lives: Faith Evans Interview

Released May 19th of this year, Faith Evans released her duo album with the late great and husband, Notorious B.I.G.. Now for most that remember Biggie especially after his death know the subject of new material makes most cringe. Unlike 2pac, Biggie did not have a lot of unreleased tracks to work with and Born Again and Biggie Duets ended ...

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Danny Boy Says 2Pac Never Fired Death Row Lawyer David Kenner

Danny Boy denies that 2Pac was unhappy at Death Row and disproves the rumors that Suge Knight didn’t let Pac take his masters from the studio, Danny goes on to explain that Pac never fired David Kenner.

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MC Eiht Interview @eiht0eiht

The legendary interviews keep coming on I2G and today we have Compton legend, MC Eiht for a interview. we discuss his new upcoming album, Which Way Iz West, dropping June 30th, his thoughts on west coast hip hop, the popularity of his signature Geah and much more so check it out.

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El Dog Interview

Check out our exclusive interview with El Dog. One half of the group Genacide, we discuss the new album, Ova Kill, coming projects and much more so check it out.

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