Ancient Astronauts & Azeem – Devils of Digital

Germanys Ancient Astronauts have linked up with Bay Area lyricist Azeem to bring you “Devils of Digital”, a free tune, which will prepare you for their upcoming collaborative album “BROKEN PUPPETS” (out Sept 30th). One of the paramount names in underground hip-hop, Germany’s Ancient Astronauts aim to show up their American contemporaries with a work that is every bit as ...

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B.O.N.G. Entertainment presents Friyie, a hot new artist out of Toronto who’s single “Money Team” has been generating some buzz. It was even used as Floyd Mayweathers theme song for his entrace during the Mayweather vs. McGregor press tour! Look out for both Friyie and his music to be featured in an all new episode of “All Access: Mayweather vs. ...

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Reconcile – “Streets Don’t Love You” (Mixtape)

Reconcile’s “Streets Don’t Love You” Mixtape carries the weight of an album. Reconcile delivers a piercing yet hopeful view of the ongoing inner city epidemic of America. With sobering and honest lyrics that point towards a consistent them of a dependence of Jesus, Reconcile both affirms and challenges all of us. The mixtape that has been deemed an instant classic ...

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