Old School Spotlight

Kurupt feat. Roscoe and Baby Girl – Quest For The Monkey Of Stone 98/99

It’s from Monkey Magic: Music From The Animated Series Soundtrack Here is the Tracklist: Monkey Magic: Music From The Animated Series! TRACKS: 1. Monkey Magic Theme Song – The Toms; 2. Quest For The Monkey Of Stone – Kurupt Featuring Roscoe and Baby Girl; 3. You Are Not Alone – Ritchie Samborra; 4. One Man – Ernie White; 5. Jackpot ...

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LP: The Truth

LP – The Truth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMuKQe1WWH4 What ever happened to LP? He was supposed to put out an album called “Said And Done” back in ’99, but i think “The Truth” is still the only song he released. I remember bumpin’ this shit as a kid all the time and nobody know who this dude was.

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Daz feat. Soopafly – I Get Around Part 2 (2Pac Tribute)

“I Get Around Part 2” is a DPG remake of a classic 2Pac track, recorded in 2004 by Daz & Soopafly. It was supposed to be released on his 2006 “So So Gangsta” album, but ended up on official “So So Gangsta Mixtape”, released 2 years earlier and on a couple more underground tapes. Check it out!

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