Rell Jerv “Nude”

“Nude” is the 2nd of 3 singles, Rell Jerv is dropping on the internet. Apart from the first single, “Cheated on Yourself” – this track is more sexy and has a dope R&B chorus, that gives it a club vibe.. Jerv is an emerging artist out of Delaware who’s been featured on the likes of Miss Info, theSource, HipHopWeekly, and ...

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18TH Annual Illuminati 2G Hip Hop Awards

18TH Annual Illuminati 2G Hip Hop Awards Welcome to our 18th annual Illuminati 2G Hip Hop Awards. Here we recognize the best albums of 2017 in the world of hip hop. We break in down into regions as by what was the best album from the east, west, midwest and dirty south. All the selections are made by Illuminati 2G ...

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