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The Justin Stone Interview

Uprising artist Justin Stone from Ohio took the time to talk to us while his stop in Long Island, NY during his ‘Missing Pieces’ tour. He spoke on how it was growing a pastor’s son, what inspired him to rap and where the inspiration to make music comes from.

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Greg Kading Responds & Disproves Lil Half Dead Killing 2Pac Theory

Recently a false story took over the internet where it seem that Suge Knight was going to admit who was responsible for killing his friend and artist Tupac Shakur this is the same man who is currently in prison awaiting trial for running a man over with his truck back in 2015. According to the false story that hit the ...

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The Last Man to Interview 2Pac | Pt. 1

Rob Marriott was the last man to interview the late great Tupac Shakur, Rob tells us how he got the in depth interview with Pac and how he got the go ahead from the man himself to write a book on his life, in our first part of our interview we went back on what really started the east vs. ...

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Big Pun’s Son Chris Rivers Spits A Freestyle

https://youtu.be/bih6kV4Ywew ITS AGtv has dugged up an old but never released freestyle back from 2013 of Chris Rivers alot of you may know Chris Rivers as the son of the late grest Bronx emcee Big Pun. it’s safe to say he gets his rapping skills from his pops.

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Unreleased Kanye West Freestyle

Prior to becoming one of the biggest stars in music, Kanye West would take any chance to share his rapping acumen. Especially considering many knew him to only be a producer at the time. Over a decade later, West has crafted out a catalog full of classic material that will stand the test of time. While you’re listening to Yeezy’s ...

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